Acne Scar Removal

If it’s any consolation, even the biggest stars in Hollywood like Brad Pitt, Will Smith, Madonna and Cameron Diaz have searched for the best acne scar removal method at one point or another. Acne, after all, can affect anyone regardless of their physical beauty, social status and material wealth.

Fortunately, there are effective methods available for the removal of acne scars. You must consult with a dermatologist, as the following methods are medical and surgical in nature. In addition, there’s also the matter of choosing which one is the best for your acne scars, which may either be raised or pitted or both, if you were so unmindful of your previous popping and scratching of your acne.

Tissue Fillers

Let’s start with tissue fillers, which are used to fill in depressed scars. Basically, your scarred skin will be injected with collagen so that it appears to be level with the rest of the healthy skin. You have to be back in the doctor’s office as this is but a temporary acne scar removal method, say, between 6-12 months depending on the quantity and quality of filler used.

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If you are afraid of injections, you can discuss the possibility of dermabrasion with your dermatologist. In this procedure, your skin will be subjected to a gradual scraping of its layers with the use of wire brushes. The result is smoother skin without the scar tissue although results will vary depending on the location of the scars. For surface scars, these can be almost completely removed while deeper scars will have an improved appearance over several sessions.

Laser Treatments

Yet another non-invasive acne scar removal method is the use of laser for resurfacing of the skin layers, which is similar to the principle behind dermabrasion. The general principle is that the laser removes the skin’s top layers while heating the lower layers, which results to the production of new skin cells on top. The scars then appear less and less visible to the naked eye.

Chemical Peels

In this procedure, a medical grade chemical is applied to the scars with its substances slowly peeling away the skin’s top layer. As the skin heals, newer skin cells come to surface and the skin appears smoother over time. You must take note that this method only works for mild acne scars that are relatively new. Your dermatologist will also ask for repeated sessions until the desired results are achieved.

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The many types of surgical acne scar removal procedures are usually the last resort. Keep in mind that these are invasive procedures that may result to additional scarring. You will want to thoroughly discuss your other options because of the associated health risks with surgery, not to mention the high costs. In most instances of the so-called ice pick scars, the punch technique is used by the dermatologist.

You can consider these medical and surgical acne scar removal options, but we must encourage readers to consider the natural cures first for the sake of your skin and your pockets. When everything has been done in the natural aspect and you still want to be rid of your acne scars, then that’s the time to go under the knife.