Chris Gibson

Chris Gibson

If you will take the time to browse the Internet for acne solutions, you will come across many e-books with each one being marketed as the best in the field. One of these e-books is authored by Chris Gibson (Acne Free in 3 Days), which is also being hyped as providing for answers to questions about effective acne treatment and prevention.

Just an E-Book

As we can well expect from most e-books, you will not receive an actual physical product delivered by courier to your doorstep. There are no CDs, no DVDs, no booklets and definitely no oral supplements or handy equipment in your fight against acne. You have to pay the price of the download, follow the instructions for downloading and then wait for the process to complete.

You will then have your e-book embedded into your personal computer. Well, you can have an actual product when you take the time to print the e-book – be patient as there are many pages in the resulting ink-on-paper book. Then again, if you can open the Chris Gibson (Acne Free in 3 Days) e-book with the simple click of the mouse, why bother wasting ink and paper on it?

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Just for Mild Acne

So, what attracted customers to the e-book? You can safely say that it’s the title that first caught your attention, which led to your eventual purchase of this product. After all, you cannot resist an e-book that promises an acne-free skin in just 3 days!

Imagine your joy if and when the natural methods outlined by Chris Gibson do take effect in the short span of 3 days. You can then face yourself in the mirror and not despair over the large zits marring the beauty of your face. Your family and friends will praise your skin and you will feel better about yourself.

Well, good for you, we daresay. But you must also beware as the title chosen by Chris Gibson (Acne Free in 3 Days) is misleading in two aspects. You must take note of these things as your money and skin are involved in this matter.

For one thing, the suggested methods in the e-book are only applicable for mild acne. If your case of acne is moderate to severe, you can skip this e-book in favor of other books. Your questions will not find answers here.

Many acne experts even argue against buying this particular e-book when mild acne is involved. This is because the Internet is already full of natural remedies from herbal formulations to lifestyle habits to treat and prevent acne. Why purchase information that’s already general knowledge and, thus, can be secured for free?

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For another thing, Chris Gibson (Acne Free in 3 Days) may be misleading his audience by saying that acne can be cleared in just 3 days. In truth, it is more complicated than this promise as clearing up acne can take days of continuous treatment. Whatever methods Chris Gibson has proposed are only temporary of which many of these suggestions is general knowledge.

Still, the general verdict is favorable for the Chris Gibson (Acne Free in 3 Days) e-book. If you want simple but effective steps to clear up mild acne in about a week’s time – not three days, as touted – then this is the book for you.