Mike Walden

Mike Walden (Acne No More) is foremost a certified nutritionist with years of experience in the field. His e-book is one of the rising stars in the anti-acne industry, which is admittedly filled with more scams and schemes than you can wag a finger at. The most notable thing that separates Mike Walden and his e-book from the rest of the pack is the emphasis on a holistic approach but that’s getting ahead of the review.

What’s Included in the Program

The e-book is 242 pages long, or short, depending on the number of pages you expect for the price of the product being reviewed. You need not sport a few more pimples from worrying that 241 digital pages of the e-book will be fluff while only one page makes perfect sense and, even then, the information contained in that single page is general knowledge.

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With the Mike Walden (Acne No More), you have 242 pages of useful information so much so that your knowledge about acne will be 99% improved. You will know everything there is to know about acne including scientific researches on the subject. You also have the benefit of a complete step-by-step system to the natural treatment of acne.

Upon purchase, your e-book will include bonus books not advertised in the website – it’s a surprise. You will also have 3 months of e-mail coaching from Mike Walden who will answer your questions about the product as clearly as possible.

Truly, this is one e-book that distinguishes itself from the competition by merely being legitimate. Yes, your acne will bid adieu if and when the suggested system in the e-book is followed.

Who’s Suitable for the Program

Unlike most of its competitors, the Mike Walden (Acne No More) e-book works on just about every case of acne. You may have slight or severe acne and the methods will work. You may have dry or oily skin and the methods will still provide positive results. You may have the early stages of acne or the advanced phase and still the recommended natural treatments will work.

But there’s a catch. You have to be dedicated to first reading the entire e-book to get a general idea of expectations and then to applying the recommended anti-acne program. Going astray for even a few days on your diet, lifestyle habits and other recommended treatments can result in a reversal of results.

So, why the emphasis on dedication to the program outlined by Mike Walden (Acne No More)? Let’s put it this way: Mike Walden advocates a holistic approach to the treatment and prevention of acne. Instead of just treating the symptoms, the method goes to the very heart of acne – their root causes in and outside the body – and then recommends changes to address them.

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Thus, you will be asked to make changes in your diet and lifestyle, which can be difficult but are necessary if you want to enjoy the benefits. You will also be provided with natural treatment methods when your acne is still in full force and then preventive measures after it has been cured.

So, do we recommend the Mike Walden (Acne No More) e-book? Yes, we do simply because it is a comprehensive take on the subject and offers effective treatment methods.