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Acne Free In 3 Days Review

Acne is a widespread problem among teenagers and adults alike so much so that the acne treatment industry is a profitable one. Any Acne Free in 3 Days review will attest to such a fact when one sees just how many views the official website and the affiliate websites have had in the past.

What It Is

In case you are wondering what the Acne Free in 3 Days is all about, it’s an e-book available for downloading from its official site. Of course, you must pay for its purchase through credit card since the information contained in the e-book is supposedly worth the money paid for it. After paying and downloading the e-book, you can print the contents just so you have an easy way to find solutions for your acne without opening your laptop every so often.

The e-book is authored by Christopher Gibson who confesses that he was a sufferer of extreme acne in his teenage years. It was only when he discovered his formula for an acne cure, which the e-book outlines in detail, that he was finally free of the skin condition. Prior to that, he had to undergo all of the doctor-recommended acne remedies with little to no effect.

What We Like About It

You will observe that this Acne Free in 3 Days review is generally favorable with a few unfavorable opinions about the product. This is not surprising as we have yet to encounter an e-book about acne that will answer all our questions and provide for a total cure for acne.

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Anyway, what we like about the e-book is its emphasis on natural remedies for acne. We should know by now that the medical treatments are well and good but only up to a certain point. The first line of defense against a developing case of acne is to opt for the natural methods for many reasons including their lesser side effects and lesser costs without sacrificing greater efficacy.

We also appreciate that Christopher Gibson allegedly knows about the sufferings of acne-prone individuals being one of them before. It’s a perspective that many an Acne Free in 3 Days review has observed and appreciated.

What We Don’t Like About It

As previously mentioned, there are flaws in the e-book. Although these flaws do not necessarily mean that the product is a scam, these are worthy of a mention nonetheless for the sake of an objective Acne Free in 3 Days review.

First, the author is not exactly what we can call a medical expert on the subject. Let’s face it; we want our authors to possess the kind of credentials that adds to their credibility for spouting advice especially in a touchy topic as acne. Then again, if the methods are effective, then we can accept them regardless of the author.

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Second, the methods presented are only applicable to mild acne. If you have moderate to severe acne, this is not the book for you. Beware also as mild acne will not clear up in just 3 days in all individuals – you may have to wait a longer time if you want to see better results.

The overall verdict for this Acne Free in 3 Days review: The product is good but only for mild acne. You are better off looking for other books if you have moderate to severe acne.

Acne No More Review

The battle cry of millions of afflicted individuals from teens and adults to men and women is: Acne, no more will I take any suffering from the ugly pimples and uglier scars! Well, with this Acne No More review, you can be one less individual shouting out the battle cry against one of man’s physically harmless but mentally distressing skin illnesses.

Product Description

To put it simply, Acne No More is an e-book targeted at the millions of individuals who suffer from the scourge of acne vulgaris. Yes, it is a scourge for most, if not all, sufferers mainly because it can destroy the beauty from within and without the person’s soul and skin, respectively.

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Anyway, the e-book is authored by Mike Walden who previously suffered from severe cases of acne. His experiences with the skin condition led him to many types of treatments from the natural methods to the medical ways, all of which failed in one form or another. He was then encouraged to look for another cure for acne, which took time, money and effort to formulate but we now have his e-book.

Many an Acne No More review will observe that the e-book is written in a reader-friendly manner without sacrificing the science behind acne. In this way, you can understand ideas, suggestions and opinions being conveyed in an easier manner without the feeling that the author is writing in a condescending mode. This is definitely a plus.

In Favor of the Product

You will find that there are many things to love about Mike Walden’s e-book. We can name just a few here including:

• Its treatment options have been proven clinically effective in the treatment and prevention of acne. The approach used by Walden is a holistic one, which means that the totality of acne is considered from the causes and symptoms to the prevention of outbreaks and maintenance of healthy skin. In contrast, many doctor-prescribed medicines only treat the symptoms, thus, the acne just keeps recurring.
• As previously stated in this Acne No More review, the suggested methods are explained in reader-friendly terms. But that’s not all. The 242-page e-book may seem like too much of a burden to read but each page offers new insights into acne. You have pages devoted to just about everything related to the skin condition from its root causes to its treatment options. Keep in mind that knowledge is better than ignorance.

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When the suggested anti-acne program is followed to the letter, your skin will be acne-free in just 4-6 weeks. Of course, you have to practice a few lifestyle changes that may be difficult to do in the first few days but will produce impressive results. You will then be encouraged to proceed with the rest of the program.

The only thing that we can fault the product with is the number of pages. Admittedly, in our hurried and harried world, 242 pages can seem like forever. But if you passionately want to be free of acne, then you must read the book even if you have to do so in your spare time.

So, for this Acne No More review, we highly recommend the product. You will soon be able to say: “Acne, no more will you ravage my skin and sense of peace!”

The Scar Secret Review

Scars are the bane of many men and women mainly because of their negative impact on an otherwise flawless skin. We are not even talking about the mental distress that many individuals will also suffer from with clearly visible scars on obvious parts of their body such as the face. Well, if you belong to either of these categories, then you must read through The Scar Secret review.

What It Is

Obviously, The Scar Secret is targeted at audiences with scar issues. These scars may be found anywhere in the body from the face to the legs as well as be of certain kinds. According to the author, the methods outlined in the e-book work best on scars from acne, stretch marks, and burns including skin discolorations.

Of course, the methods provided are all-natural in that there are no surgical and medical procedures recommended by the author, Isabel McNamara. You will not be advised to seek a dermatologist for procedures like dermabrasion, laser and punch technique surgery. All of these are recommended by doctors, of course, and are also effective but we suggest considering the natural methods first mainly because of similar rates of efficacy.

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However, don’t expect this particular The Scar Secret review to spill the beans about these natural methods. You must see the results for yourself but we can confirm, as have many consumers of the e-book, that these methods for scar removal do work and work well at that.

What to Expect

Your path towards smoother skin with less visible scars is mapped out in almost literal sense. You have the benefit of clear diagrams and step-by-step guides, both of which are designed to make the secret behind scar removal as clear as day itself. You may not even have questions at the end of the e-book since these have been addressed at one point or another.

This particular The Scar Secret review will be incomplete without a mention of its author’s promise of almost total erasure of the scars from the skin. Keep in mind that each skin is unique, which means that the methods may work 95% on many people but it may just work at 50% for your case. You have to set realistic expectations especially when your scars are old, keloid or deep.

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Your expectations should also include the time frame in which your scars will fade into the background, so to speak. Don’t expect keloid scars to become less visible within a week as it will take a longer period for this result to be possible. Now, if your scars are still new or are shallow, then you can expect results within a few weeks’ time.

But if you don’t see results within 60 days, you can avail of the 100% refund. Hopefully, you will see positive results by then if and when you faithfully apply the recommended methods in the e-book.

In conclusion, this particular The Scar Secret review deems the e-book a better – affordable, easier and faster, that is – alternative to the medical and surgical methods most often suggested by dermatologists. You will be saving your skin from the scars while also saving your bank accounts from the scars of bankruptcy brought by the more expensive methods of scar removal.

Home Remedies for Acne

Acne vulgaris – the name does fit in many ways. The appearance of acne on the face and body can progress – or degenerate, depending on how you look at it – into a vulgar display of unsightly skin. But don’t despair because you have so many choices in home remedies for acne that will transform your skin from vulgar to vavavoom.

However, we must warn readers ahead of time that the home remedies in the treatment and prevention of acne presented in this article are not what you have expected in the popular mode. Instead, we shall focus on the details of the daily skin care regimen necessary to fight acne. You can find home remedies like herbs, foods and lifestyle habits in other articles.

Daily Cleansing

Your first order of daily skin care for acne prevention is cleansing. Its main objective is the thorough removal of dirt, dust and grime as well as excess oil, pollutants and toxins from the skin. Your follicles then have less chance of clogging up and, hence, acne can be prevented.

To be an effective part of the home remedies for acne, you must cleanse your face with a mild, hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic cleanser. We also suggest using a cleanser with added salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide, which clears away excess oil and kills bacteria, respectively.

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However, you must avoid scrubbing your face as it can irritate the skin as well as avoid washing too often since you will be making your skin too dry. Just cleanse your face two times a day. You have to skip the usual astringents, toners and masks as these can also lead to skin irritation, thus, worsening the condition of your acne-prone skin.

Daily Moisturizing

Many people think that moisturizers should not form part of the home remedies for acne. But this should not be so as moisturizers restore the water and moisture that have been stripped from the skin during the cleansing process. You want the skin to be moisturized so that it can better resist ageing.

The trick is in choosing the right moisturizer. Your choice must be oil-free, perfume-free and non-comedogenic, as oils, perfumes and other additives in skin care products can worsen acne almost immediately. Layering is also important – use a thin layer of facial moisturizer on the face and neck and a thicker layer of body moisturizer on other parts of the body.

Daily Vitamins

And of course, if you can nourish your skin from the outside, then you must nourish it from the inside, too. You must eat a healthy diet in addition to the nutritional supplements.

Your nutritional supplements can include the skin-friendly vitamins A, C and E as well as the minerals zinc and iron. These micronutrients support cell growth, improve the immune system and help in the renewal of skin cells.

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Ultimately, all of the home remedies for acne must be adopted as a whole system so that optimal results can be achieved. Thus, you must use herbs, follow a healthy diet, practice a healthy lifestyle, adopt a good skin care regimen and drink your multivitamins if you want to be acne-free as soon as possible.

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Acne Scar Treatment

If you think that acne is terrible, your troubles have just begun because you will soon be hit with the appearance of its scars. Your scars may be shallow or deep, single or scattered in groups, and lighter or darker than the surrounding skin but the fact still remains – you will want to look for the most effective acne scar treatment with the same passion as when you looked for the best acne cure.

Well, you are in luck because medical science has identified many treatment options for acne scar removal. However, you have to set the right expectations, as no two individuals will respond in the exact same way to a particular treatment option. You must look at the age, severity and location of the scar and set your expectations accordingly.

The general rule is that the older and deeper your scars are, the harder it will be to make them less visible. You must then take the necessary actions to ensure that your possible scars will not be deep – avoid popping and scratching your acne – and whatever scars are present should be treated as soon as possible. Here then are the most popular acne scar treatment options.

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Topical Creams

Your first option is topical creams, which are more affordable than the surgical procedures although the former’s effect on deeper and older scars is questionable. Your doctor may recommend either over-the-counter or by-prescription-only topical ointments with ingredients like salicylic acids, alpha hydroxyl acids, corticosteroids and antihistamines.

Massages and Pressure Bandages

You may use massage techniques in the application of the topical ointments into the skin with the rationale being that massages smooth out the scar tissues. Pressure bandages are usually applied to acne scars on the body although its use is relatively uncommon.

Herbal Remedies

The most popular acne scar treatment may be the herbal formulations. You can purchase these products as topical ointments, lotions and gels although there are many more garden products that can be applied on the skin directly. Again, you must set realistic expectations as herbal remedies have limited impact on making acne scars fade away.

  • Lemon or lime juice can be applied on the scar with the main purpose being to lighten the discoloration.
    Tea tree oil can make the skin look smoother despite the presence of the scar. We recommend using it on an inconspicuous part of the body first before applying on facial skin as you may have allergies to the oil.
    Vinegar is the poor man’s chemical peel, so to speak. It acts by peeling away the old layer of skin and then exposing the new layer, which make the scars look less visible.

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Surgical Procedures

Then there are the acne scar treatment options. Keep in mind that there are risks involved with these procedures including infections, additional scarring and lengthy recovery periods. Still, if your acne scars are untreatable with any other natural method, then you should consider dermabrasion, chemical peels, laser treatment and skin surgery.

In the end, it is not so much the acne scar treatment that matters but the results that have been generated.

Acne Scar Removal

If it’s any consolation, even the biggest stars in Hollywood like Brad Pitt, Will Smith, Madonna and Cameron Diaz have searched for the best acne scar removal method at one point or another. Acne, after all, can affect anyone regardless of their physical beauty, social status and material wealth.

Fortunately, there are effective methods available for the removal of acne scars. You must consult with a dermatologist, as the following methods are medical and surgical in nature. In addition, there’s also the matter of choosing which one is the best for your acne scars, which may either be raised or pitted or both, if you were so unmindful of your previous popping and scratching of your acne.

Tissue Fillers

Let’s start with tissue fillers, which are used to fill in depressed scars. Basically, your scarred skin will be injected with collagen so that it appears to be level with the rest of the healthy skin. You have to be back in the doctor’s office as this is but a temporary acne scar removal method, say, between 6-12 months depending on the quantity and quality of filler used.

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If you are afraid of injections, you can discuss the possibility of dermabrasion with your dermatologist. In this procedure, your skin will be subjected to a gradual scraping of its layers with the use of wire brushes. The result is smoother skin without the scar tissue although results will vary depending on the location of the scars. For surface scars, these can be almost completely removed while deeper scars will have an improved appearance over several sessions.

Laser Treatments

Yet another non-invasive acne scar removal method is the use of laser for resurfacing of the skin layers, which is similar to the principle behind dermabrasion. The general principle is that the laser removes the skin’s top layers while heating the lower layers, which results to the production of new skin cells on top. The scars then appear less and less visible to the naked eye.

Chemical Peels

In this procedure, a medical grade chemical is applied to the scars with its substances slowly peeling away the skin’s top layer. As the skin heals, newer skin cells come to surface and the skin appears smoother over time. You must take note that this method only works for mild acne scars that are relatively new. Your dermatologist will also ask for repeated sessions until the desired results are achieved.

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The many types of surgical acne scar removal procedures are usually the last resort. Keep in mind that these are invasive procedures that may result to additional scarring. You will want to thoroughly discuss your other options because of the associated health risks with surgery, not to mention the high costs. In most instances of the so-called ice pick scars, the punch technique is used by the dermatologist.

You can consider these medical and surgical acne scar removal options, but we must encourage readers to consider the natural cures first for the sake of your skin and your pockets. When everything has been done in the natural aspect and you still want to be rid of your acne scars, then that’s the time to go under the knife.

Mike Walden

Mike Walden (Acne No More) is foremost a certified nutritionist with years of experience in the field. His e-book is one of the rising stars in the anti-acne industry, which is admittedly filled with more scams and schemes than you can wag a finger at. The most notable thing that separates Mike Walden and his e-book from the rest of the pack is the emphasis on a holistic approach but that’s getting ahead of the review.

What’s Included in the Program

The e-book is 242 pages long, or short, depending on the number of pages you expect for the price of the product being reviewed. You need not sport a few more pimples from worrying that 241 digital pages of the e-book will be fluff while only one page makes perfect sense and, even then, the information contained in that single page is general knowledge.

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With the Mike Walden (Acne No More), you have 242 pages of useful information so much so that your knowledge about acne will be 99% improved. You will know everything there is to know about acne including scientific researches on the subject. You also have the benefit of a complete step-by-step system to the natural treatment of acne.

Upon purchase, your e-book will include bonus books not advertised in the website – it’s a surprise. You will also have 3 months of e-mail coaching from Mike Walden who will answer your questions about the product as clearly as possible.

Truly, this is one e-book that distinguishes itself from the competition by merely being legitimate. Yes, your acne will bid adieu if and when the suggested system in the e-book is followed.

Who’s Suitable for the Program

Unlike most of its competitors, the Mike Walden (Acne No More) e-book works on just about every case of acne. You may have slight or severe acne and the methods will work. You may have dry or oily skin and the methods will still provide positive results. You may have the early stages of acne or the advanced phase and still the recommended natural treatments will work.

But there’s a catch. You have to be dedicated to first reading the entire e-book to get a general idea of expectations and then to applying the recommended anti-acne program. Going astray for even a few days on your diet, lifestyle habits and other recommended treatments can result in a reversal of results.

So, why the emphasis on dedication to the program outlined by Mike Walden (Acne No More)? Let’s put it this way: Mike Walden advocates a holistic approach to the treatment and prevention of acne. Instead of just treating the symptoms, the method goes to the very heart of acne – their root causes in and outside the body – and then recommends changes to address them.

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Thus, you will be asked to make changes in your diet and lifestyle, which can be difficult but are necessary if you want to enjoy the benefits. You will also be provided with natural treatment methods when your acne is still in full force and then preventive measures after it has been cured.

So, do we recommend the Mike Walden (Acne No More) e-book? Yes, we do simply because it is a comprehensive take on the subject and offers effective treatment methods.

Chris Gibson

If you will take the time to browse the Internet for acne solutions, you will come across many e-books with each one being marketed as the best in the field. One of these e-books is authored by Chris Gibson (Acne Free in 3 Days), which is also being hyped as providing for answers to questions about effective acne treatment and prevention.

Just an E-Book

As we can well expect from most e-books, you will not receive an actual physical product delivered by courier to your doorstep. There are no CDs, no DVDs, no booklets and definitely no oral supplements or handy equipment in your fight against acne. You have to pay the price of the download, follow the instructions for downloading and then wait for the process to complete.

You will then have your e-book embedded into your personal computer. Well, you can have an actual product when you take the time to print the e-book – be patient as there are many pages in the resulting ink-on-paper book. Then again, if you can open the Chris Gibson (Acne Free in 3 Days) e-book with the simple click of the mouse, why bother wasting ink and paper on it?

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Just for Mild Acne

So, what attracted customers to the e-book? You can safely say that it’s the title that first caught your attention, which led to your eventual purchase of this product. After all, you cannot resist an e-book that promises an acne-free skin in just 3 days!

Imagine your joy if and when the natural methods outlined by Chris Gibson do take effect in the short span of 3 days. You can then face yourself in the mirror and not despair over the large zits marring the beauty of your face. Your family and friends will praise your skin and you will feel better about yourself.

Well, good for you, we daresay. But you must also beware as the title chosen by Chris Gibson (Acne Free in 3 Days) is misleading in two aspects. You must take note of these things as your money and skin are involved in this matter.

For one thing, the suggested methods in the e-book are only applicable for mild acne. If your case of acne is moderate to severe, you can skip this e-book in favor of other books. Your questions will not find answers here.

Many acne experts even argue against buying this particular e-book when mild acne is involved. This is because the Internet is already full of natural remedies from herbal formulations to lifestyle habits to treat and prevent acne. Why purchase information that’s already general knowledge and, thus, can be secured for free?

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For another thing, Chris Gibson (Acne Free in 3 Days) may be misleading his audience by saying that acne can be cleared in just 3 days. In truth, it is more complicated than this promise as clearing up acne can take days of continuous treatment. Whatever methods Chris Gibson has proposed are only temporary of which many of these suggestions is general knowledge.

Still, the general verdict is favorable for the Chris Gibson (Acne Free in 3 Days) e-book. If you want simple but effective steps to clear up mild acne in about a week’s time – not three days, as touted – then this is the book for you.

Isabel McNamara

Author Isabel McNamara (The Scar Secret) is also a medical researcher and, more important to the product, a skin therapist. As such, when you buy her e-book, you are at least assured that the author knows what she’s writing about because she is considered an expert in the field. Now, contrast this with other e-book authors who may have no other experience with skin health other than being good at researching existing literature and then compiling the materials into an e-book.

A Look into a Rarefied Field

With The Scar Secret, your feeling is that you are being provided with the privilege of looking into the rarefied field of medical research and skin therapy. And yet, you will not feel like grappling with too much technical jargon since the explanations are direct and to the point. You can then smoothly read the Isabel McNamara (The Scar Secret) e-book, which makes for faster understanding of the concepts, methods and steps being presented.

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In contrast, you have probably experienced difficulty with other e-books on the subject. On one hand, you will be grappling with the technical jargon that hides the fluff of the pseudo-information provided. On the other hand, you may feel short changed by the simplistic explanations in the e-book. This is not so with The Scar Secret.

Isabel McNamara provides comprehensive explanations into the causes and treatments of scars without launching into technical jargon and fluffy gibberish. You enjoy factual information served in such a way as to be almost enjoyable.

A Remarkable Set of Results

Yet another good thing about the Isabel McNamara (The Scar Secret) e-book is that the promised results are delivered in a considerable manner! Of course, you must faithfully adopt the natural methods outlined in the e-book but these are so easy to apply. You will be motivated with each day that passes as your scar appears to fade away slowly but surely.

Isabel McNamara promises that your scars will be eliminated even after they have been on your skin for years. We have to dispute this claim as scars are permanent breaks in the skin. As such, scars cannot be completely eliminated, only significantly faded until they are almost invisible. Still, the results are remarkable especially for keloid scars.

For example, if you have acne scars on the face, you will notice a great improvement in the appearance of the skin. The scars appear shallower and even look as if their color is starting to blend in with the rest of the facial skin tone. You can lay off on the cakey foundation little by little because your acne scars are starting to fade away.

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But it is not just scars that Isabel McNamara can help you with. If you have skin discolorations and hyper pigmentation, the scar removal methods can also be applied to these skin issues. In this way, your skin looks more even in tone and texture than ever before.

Indeed, you have found a gem in the Isabel McNamara (The Scar Secret) e-book. The trick is in the actual application of the natural methods as these require patience, will power and determination to stick to the program.

Types of Acne

We often look at acne as one where the skin breaks out in ugly pimples complete with the nodules, cysts and pus.  Yes, indeed, acne is not a pretty sight no matter how anybody looks at it.  But did you know that there are many types of acne aside from the obvious pimples?

Knowing about these kinds of acne is important since each one requires a different approach than the other.  With that said, dermatologists categorize acne into three – mild to moderate acne vulgaris, severe acne vulgaris and severe acne.

Mild to Moderate Acne Vulgaris

Among all the categories of acne, it is acne vulgaris in the mild to moderate form that are common.  This is a good thing, in a manner of speaking, mainly because the severe forms of acne causes disfigurement on the face and debilitation to the mind, both of which nobody wants.  So, if you are at risk for any of the types of acne, pray that it is one of the following mild kinds.

  • Whiteheads are completely blocked skin pores with a white appearance.
  • Blackheads are partially blocked skin pores with a black appearance because of the melanin’s reaction to oxygen.
  • Papules are red, tender and inflamed bumps with no visible head.
  • Pustules are characterized by red circles with white or yellow centers.

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In all of these types of mild to moderate acne, it is not advisable to pop the pimple or force the head.  You will only be making the acne worse than it was before.

Severe Acne Vulgaris

Unfortunately, the mild to moderate types of acne vulgaris can develop into severe forms, which provides the vulgar in the vulgaris.  You will want to see your dermatologist for these kinds of acne since over-the-counter medications will most likely not work anymore.

  • Nodules are the large, hard and painful bumps under the skin’s surface.  It can leave deep scars as well as an impaction, which is the point of origin for the acne to flare up over and over again.
  • Cystic acne looks similar to nodular acne except that it is not filled with pus and with a diameter of 5mm or more. Don’t even think of squeezing the acne as it can lead to deep scarring and infection.
  • Acne rosacea may look like nodules and cysts but it is actually a different type of acne.  The skin sports a red rash coupled with bumps and pimples.

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Severe Acne

Among the many types of acne, it is severe acne that you will not want to inflict on your worst enemy.  Not only does it lead to facial skin disfigurement with the bumps, nodules and cysts, your psyche will suffer too.

  • Acne conglobata is more common in males and is characterized by several large lesions and widespread blackheads.
  • Acne fulminans is the sudden onset of acne conglobata with symptoms like severe nodules and even ulcerating pimples.
  • Gram-negative folliculitis is a bacterial infection with pustules and cysts.
  • Pyoderma faciale affects females only and is characterized by large painful nodules, pustules and sores.

Indeed, you will want to take the necessary preventive measures against any of these types of acne.  We recommend seeing your doctor if you are at risk.

How to Prevent Acne

how to prevent acneAcne vulgaris – the name suits the affliction well.  With its vulgar appearance of whiteheads, blackheads, pimples, nodules, pustules, cysts and red rashes, acne is an unwanted affliction on your face, neck, arms, legs and body.  Fortunately, when you know how to prevent acne, you are less likely to fall victim to its vulgar symptoms.

Keep Your Skin Clean

Quick showers using ordinary soap will not cut it where acne is concerned.  You have to use a hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic cleanser for the face and body. The cleanser will remove the dead skin cells, excess oils and other impurities from the skin’s surface.  You must use warm water, avoid scrubbing motions and pat dry with a clean towel.

Moisturize Your Skin

Many people think that moisturizing the skin is not an effective answer to the question of how to prevent acne mainly because moisturizers can clog up the skin pores.  But this is not so.  You have to moisturize because many of the topical acne-products cause dry skin, which is unhealthy in itself.  We suggest asking your dermatologist for the right products as many moisturizers for normal skin can actually lead to acne flare-ups.

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Use Makeup Sparingly

Unfortunately, many makeup products especially foundation, blusher and powder lead to acne breakouts because of the ingredients as well as the failure to clean the skin at night.  If possible, give your skin time to breathe without the makeup.  If you must use makeup, look for the water-based cosmetics and then use it as sparingly as possible.

Use the Right Hair Products

You may think that there’s no connection between your hair and the ways of how to prevent acne since the scalp is not affected by acne.  But keep in mind that your hair comes into constant contact with your facial skin such that any irritant on the hair can cause acne on the face!

Use gentle hair products especially shampoos and conditioners.  Avoid fragrances, harsh chemicals and oils on your hair products as these ingredients will irritate sensitive skin.  And do try to keep your hair out of your face, literally.

Hands Off

Your hands are the main carriers of bacteria, a few of which can lead to acne breakouts.  You must avoid constantly touching your face, popping your pimples and even propping up your cheeks if you want to prevent acne.

No Sunbathing

Yet another important way to prevent acne is to stay out of the sun.  The sun’s rays may be good for Vitamin D but not for your acne-prone skin since it can increase the degree of inflammation.  If you must go out into the sun, slather on an SPF15 non-acnegenic sunscreen at least 20 minutes before exposure.

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Feed Your Skin

And of course, you must feed your skin through a healthy diet and a healthy exercise program.  Your skin needs nourishment from the inside so as to be able to resist the attacks from the outside.   You must also chill out and relax as stress aggravates acne.

These are the best answers to your question of how to prevent acne.  Adopt these measures today and enjoy the difference that prevention can make on your life.

Cystic Acne Treatment

Before we can discuss the many cystic acne treatment options, we must first define cystic acne. This is because proper treatment requires definitive diagnosis, which your dermatologist is best trained for. Still, it is possible to know what cystic acne looks like so that you are better equipped to deal with it in a psychological and physical manner.

Cystic acne is diagnosed through two characteristics. First, the acne is characterized by nodules filled with yellowish pus. Second, these nodules must be 5mm or more in diameter before a cystic acne diagnosis is made. Unfortunately, cystic acne can be painful even when there are no touch triggers being applied to the pimples.

Men and teenage boys are more prone to cystic acne although women have also been known to suffer from it. The causes behind cystic acne are usually attributed to overactive oil glands, excess dead skin cells and a proliferation of the Propionibacteria acnes bacteria, which are nobody’s deliberate fault so you can quit being too hard on yourself for having acne.

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Oral Antibiotics

The first line of defense in cystic acne treatment regimen is oral antibiotics. Topical antibiotics are often ineffective in cystic acne because the bacterial infection runs deeper than the skin’s surface. Keep in mind too, that cystic acne is difficult to control from the outside such that systemic medications are an absolute necessity.

Both topical and oral antibiotics, however, work in two ways. First, these medications kill the bacteria that cause acne, which are the abovementioned Propionibacteria acne. Second, antibiotics also decrease the degree of inflammation together with cortisone shots.

Your doctor will start on a high dosage and then move progressively to lower dosage as your acne clears up. This is to prevent antibiotic resistance with consistently high doses. You will be prescribed one of the most common antibiotics in cystic acne treatment such as erythromycin, tetracycline, minocycline and doxycycline.

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We have to emphasize that oral antibiotics are not to be taken without the medical advice of a doctor. Again, the primary reason is to avoid antibiotic resistance borne from the abuse of the substance.

Oral Contraceptives

Birth control pills are only effective in women for the treatment of cystic acne. In men, undesirable hormonal changes can result from oral contraceptive use, which will only worsen the situation.

But not all oral contraceptives are good for cystic acne treatment. Your doctor will usually prescribe birth control pills containing a combination of progestin and estrogen, both of which work by lessening the oil gland secretions and, in the process, suppressing the acne-causing androgen hormones.

Your doctor will also prescribe topical medications to control the bacterial infection and inflammation. The more popular birth control pills include Ortho Tri-Cyclen, Estrostep and Yaz although other brands will also have similar effects.


Formerly known as Accutane, Isotretinoin is a derivative of Vitamin A. Its main effect is in shrinking the sebaceous glands, which lessens the amount of oil on the skin’s surface and then lessens the amount of comedones produced.

We have to emphasize that like surgical drainage and excision, isotretinoin is a last resort for severe acne. The side effects with isotretinoin include skin allergies, nausea and vomiting.

Indeed, you have many cystic acne treatment options to get you out of your misery. The most important thing is to work with your dermatologist.

Back Acne Treatment

Successful back acne treatment can be more difficult to achieve than facial acne for many reasons. For one thing, back acne is characterized by deeper, larger and more highly inflamed pimples, nodules and cysts even, that are often absent from most cases of facial acne. As such, significant pain and scarring can be experienced with back acne.

For another thing, back acne is exposed to more friction and, hence, more irritation and more inflammation than facial acne for obvious reasons. Clothes rub on the acne while it can be difficult washing the back area without using rubbing motions.

The good news is that there are effective ways to treat back acne. Your doctor should be able to provide the right over-the-counter and prescription products for back acne treatment depending on the severity of your case.

Mild Back Acne

If you are lucky, your back acne may be on the mild side with only occasional breakouts to plague your life. In this case, an over-the-counter body wash with either salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide is sufficient to treat back acne. But you may have to let others wash your back with gentle circular motions since rubbing the skin with a towel or a brush will only irritate the skin.

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We recommend products like Murad Acne Body Wash, Neutrogena Body Clear Body Wash and OXY Body Wash. If these body wash products do not work after a few weeks, 2 weeks at most, you must see your doctor immediately. Mild back acne can worsen so suddenly that even lying on your back for a few minutes is akin to lying down on a bed of nails.

Moderate to Severe Back Acne

Back acne treatment for moderate to severe cases will involve stronger formulations of benzoyl peroxide and other topical applications. Your doctor will usually prescribe the higher percentages since the back has thicker skin than facial skin, which means that the former can tolerate the ingredients.

You will be directed to apply the benzoyl peroxide gel or cream 1-2 times a day. You must make sure that your skin is clean and dry before applying the topical ointment. Plus, wait until the gel is dry before putting on your clothes as it can stain when wet.

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You may also be prescribed topical antibiotics for moderate acne. Again, your skin must be clean and dry before application as embedded bacteria, dead skin cells and excess oil blending with the antibacterial substance can worsen the acne problem.

If topical antibiotics do not work, your back acne treatment regimen may progress to oral antibiotics. These antibacterial medications include tetracycline, minocycline, doxycycline and erythromycin, all of which must be prescribed by the doctor for safe administration.

More than the treatment, you must also adopt preventive measures against the recurrence of back acne. We recommend showering after workouts, wearing loose, breathable and cotton clothing, and avoiding the temptation to pop the pimples.

Admittedly, you have to be patient with your back acne treatment as it can take weeks before the first significant progress is seen. But if you stick to your daily skin care routine, take your medicines and apply your ointments, you should be able to conquer the acne that prevents you from wearing backless dresses.

Causes of Acne

Acne is characterized by the appearance of vulgar pimples, nodules and cysts on the skin from the face and neck down toward the arms, body and legs. Yes, you will want to know of the causes of acne just so you can avoid the triggers of such an unwelcome skin condition.

Unfortunately, medical science has yet to fully understand the triggers of acne despite the researches conducted on the matter. For example, we know that stress can worsen acne in susceptible individuals but research has proven that stress itself will not cause acne. Fortunately, dermatologists continue to discover better ways to treat acne and its resultant scars.

The following discussion touches on the possible causes of blackheads, whiteheads and pimples, all of which are types of acne. You will observe that there are many things that an acne-prone individual can do in order to avoid acne breakouts, all from knowing about the possible causes of acne.

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Excess in Sebum Production

The first and foremost cause in acne breakouts is the overproduction of sebum, which is the skin’s natural moisturizer. In fact, many doctors believe that acne is caused more by the person’s reaction to the increase in sebum production than to changes in the hormonal levels. Also, each person’s reaction to excess sebum will differ such that one may sport only a few small pimples while another will suffer from acute cystic acne.

So, how exactly does an overproduction of sebum cause acne? Each pore of our skin contains a hair follicle connected to the sebaceous glands that, in turn, produce sebum. Such natural oil usually travels up along the shafts of hair and into the skin’s surface to keep it moisturized.

As one of the causes of acne, excess sebum along with dead skin cells clog up the skin pores. The result is a soft plug that can develop either into blackheads, whiteheads and pimples. When left untreated, you can have a full-on acne breakout on your hands, face and neck.

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So, what causes the excess sebum production? Well, it’s not exactly known although factors like hormones and bacteria, which are discussed later, contribute to it. You can now stop blaming yourself for bringing on the acne breakout from your penchant for greasy foods, chocolate and chips although it will certainly help your skin if you can avoid these types of foods.

Hormonal Changes

Acne is most common in teenagers although adults can also have it, too. Thus, doctors also look at changes in hormones as one of the causes of acne. It can be the use of steroids and other bodybuilding substances. It can be the onset of pregnancy, monthly menstruation and menopause. It can even be the use of oral birth control pills although these are also used in acne treatment.

Bacterial Buildup

Your skin may also be harboring more than its fair share of acne-causing bacteria that, when coupled with excess sebum, leads to acne breakouts. These bacteria include Propionibacterium acnes and Staphylococcus epidermidis, both of which are present in healthy hair follicles.

Now that you know the causes of acne, you can better avoid breakouts. Keep your skin clean so that oil buildup can be prevented, eat healthy foods and work with your doctor to prevent acne.

Vitamins for Acne

Poor diet is seen as one of the triggers of acne in susceptible individuals. Your skin requires nourishment on the cellular level so as to assist in the regulation of sebum production, resistance against bacterial attacks and restoration of hormonal balance, all of which have been pinpointed as causes of acne when health is compromised. In that case, we recommend vitamins for acne.

We must emphasize that these vitamins are best secured from a healthy diet of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean meats, fishes and low-fat dairy products. Nutritional supplements are well and good but only when a healthy diet cannot supply the necessary nutrients to help in acne control. And if you opt for a few nutritional supplements, we suggest asking your doctor for recommendations as certain ingredients may cause acne instead of preventing it.

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Vitamin A

The first of many vitamins for acne is Vitamin A. Take note that retinoids and isotretinoins, both of which are Vitamin A derivatives, are used in the effective treatment of even the most severe cases of acne. These derivatives often come in topical applications for retinoids and oral medications for isotretinoins, the former of which also come in both over-the-counter and prescribed forms.

As such, it makes sense that for the prevention and effective treatment of acne, you will want to go for the goodness of Vitamin A. You can eat foods rich in this vitamin such as citrus fruits, tomatos, carrots, yellow squash and pumpkin. Your skin will then glow with health since it is being nourished from the inside.

If you already have acne, you are helping the topical retinoids and oral isotretinoin to lessen the inflammation. You will then enjoy a faster recovery period.

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Vitamin B

Yes, B complex is a great group of vitamins for acne, too. Your skin will also be nourished by these vitamins while also working their magic on lessening the inflammation that comes with acne.

Your best sources for B vitamins include whole grains like cereals, rice and barley, pulses, green leafy vegetables, molasses, meat liver and lean meats. If you cannot eat lean meats because of your vegetarian lifestyle, we suggest taking nutritional supplements. Just make sure not to take excess dosages as side effects like nauseam headaches and vomiting are common. Also, you should not take Vitamin B supplements if you are recovering from a heart attack even if your acne is at its most severe stage.

Vitamin C and E

These vitamins for acne work in their own special ways. Vitamin C helps the body fight off bacterial infection as well as lessen the stress levels in the body. Keep in mind that stress can worsen acne. Food sources include green leafy vegetables like spinach and citrus fruits like oranges.

Vitamin E protects the skin from free radicals, which causes more damage to the skin in a similar way as acne. You want Vitamin E to keep your skin looking and feeling healthy. Food sources are cereal grains, fruits and wheat germ oil.

Indeed, you will need vitamins for acne if you wish to control this skin affliction. You will also enjoy the fact that your body will become healthier from these vitamins.