Acne Scar Treatment

If you think that acne is terrible, your troubles have just begun because you will soon be hit with the appearance of its scars. Your scars may be shallow or deep, single or scattered in groups, and lighter or darker than the surrounding skin but the fact still remains – you will want to look for the most effective acne scar treatment with the same passion as when you looked for the best acne cure.

Well, you are in luck because medical science has identified many treatment options for acne scar removal. However, you have to set the right expectations, as no two individuals will respond in the exact same way to a particular treatment option. You must look at the age, severity and location of the scar and set your expectations accordingly.

The general rule is that the older and deeper your scars are, the harder it will be to make them less visible. You must then take the necessary actions to ensure that your possible scars will not be deep – avoid popping and scratching your acne – and whatever scars are present should be treated as soon as possible. Here then are the most popular acne scar treatment options.

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Topical Creams

Your first option is topical creams, which are more affordable than the surgical procedures although the former’s effect on deeper and older scars is questionable. Your doctor may recommend either over-the-counter or by-prescription-only topical ointments with ingredients like salicylic acids, alpha hydroxyl acids, corticosteroids and antihistamines.

Massages and Pressure Bandages

You may use massage techniques in the application of the topical ointments into the skin with the rationale being that massages smooth out the scar tissues. Pressure bandages are usually applied to acne scars on the body although its use is relatively uncommon.

Herbal Remedies

The most popular acne scar treatment may be the herbal formulations. You can purchase these products as topical ointments, lotions and gels although there are many more garden products that can be applied on the skin directly. Again, you must set realistic expectations as herbal remedies have limited impact on making acne scars fade away.

  • Lemon or lime juice can be applied on the scar with the main purpose being to lighten the discoloration.
    Tea tree oil can make the skin look smoother despite the presence of the scar. We recommend using it on an inconspicuous part of the body first before applying on facial skin as you may have allergies to the oil.
    Vinegar is the poor man’s chemical peel, so to speak. It acts by peeling away the old layer of skin and then exposing the new layer, which make the scars look less visible.

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Surgical Procedures

Then there are the acne scar treatment options. Keep in mind that there are risks involved with these procedures including infections, additional scarring and lengthy recovery periods. Still, if your acne scars are untreatable with any other natural method, then you should consider dermabrasion, chemical peels, laser treatment and skin surgery.

In the end, it is not so much the acne scar treatment that matters but the results that have been generated.